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Redemption Community World Ministries is a worldwide denominational ministry.  The church's teachings are   enshrouded in the kingdom building philosophy that  our Savior Jesus Christ taught when was on this earth.

With its international headquarters located in New York City, RCWM is strategically positioned to  deliver its message to  the four corners of the world, that through Christ all things are possible. Our underlying message is that each kingdom in which people abide in the world and their  peoples  is filled with capacities with which they could implement their own spiritual deliverance.    Learn More>>>


RCWM members are committed to implement Jesus' teachings of kingdom unity as the medium through which their  transformation would be effected, through ardent study and practicing of the biblical and life changing principles.  As God?s messenger, the Church promotes this concept of human deliverance among humans from all walks of life, countries, faiths and beliefs.    Learn More>>>

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